Let’s Make it a Good One

5 01 2012

Happy New Year, Anifans!

Oh, it’s so exciting, isn’t it? A whole new year ahead of us, full of wondrous possibilities and experiences! First, before we discuss what awaits us, shall we take a peek over our shoulder at the year just gone?

I suppose the most important thing that happened in 2011 was the birth of the Mutekiba Sentai! We hit the airwaves in April with our first ever episode. Afterwards, we took a short break before emerging once more to attend the London Expo. The weeks and months then seemed to fly by, and we entertained you with stories and photographs and witty non-sequiturs. I spent the summer rebuilding the Aniranger HQ into the veritable fortress it is now, among other things. Autumn and winter were a difficult time for us, the bank account was empty, and we had so much more to do! Some dedication and sacrifice from Adam resulted in the belated arrival of YamiBlack, who proved to be a nuisance. Adam also embarked on a secret mission, hoping to secure the future of the Mutekiba Sentai, but returned empty-handed.

Although they usually keep their mouths shut, Miles and Pete work fervently behind the scenes, greasing the wheels of the Aniranger machine with their sordid, secret pastimes and making sure, at the very least, Adam has a shoulder to cry on as he sobs uncontrollably.

There’s a lot that goes on that we don’t tell you folks about, and sometimes it can seem like we’ve turned our backs on the sacred brotherhood of Aniranger, but rest assured – We love everything we’ve done and everything we do, and we put our hearts and souls into it. But being “grown ups” (in the eyes of the law, anyway) with other responsibilities and financial constraints, it’s hard to put into practice every plan and idea we have.

But, oh, what ideas we have!! Hopefully, this year will see us continue to surprise you. Episode 2 demands to be made, and there’s a folder overflowing with designs and ideas that we’re just dying to create for real!

It’s going to be a great year, for all of us. Be brave, be bold, and seek happiness! You are all masters of your own fate, so shape your destiny and chase those dreams!

– Adam & the Mutekiba Sentai




9 responses

6 01 2012

That’s sweet, AniBlack! I can’t wait for Episode 2 to come soon!!

6 01 2012

If you were the guys that did accept fundraising, I would hold one for you, but I remember as you said Aniblack that you aren’t. I would want to help you though.

Good luck with Episode 2.

11 01 2012

To show how much I love Aniranger, here’s a list of what I thought Aniranger was:

1. I thought the Anirangers’ names would contain different words & have the word “Ranger” in each end. (Much like Zyuranger & Dairanger.)
2. I thought AniBlack was a wolf.
3. I thought AniRed was (like almost all of the Sentai seasons) was the leader of the Anirangers.
4. I thought the Anirangers would use the prototype suits in the show before returning in the modern suits.
5. I thought their would be a Pink Aniranger.

11 01 2012

Funny how first impressions work, eh, Reyn? Now you seem to be an authority on the Anirangers! There may yet be a Pink Aniranger, though: we just need a volunteer. Any girls you know who may be interested (and, er, live in England), point them in our direction. I promise we’ll keep AniBlue on his leash.

12 01 2012

What animal would you make AniPink though?

12 01 2012

She’s a bunny wabbit! Very cute, we’ve had the design for ages!

13 01 2012

aww. lol

Can I see what it looks like?

13 01 2012

Now, that would be a spoiler, wouldn’t it? I fully intend to make it one day!

14 01 2012

Fair enough then

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