10 04 2012

Howdy AniFans!

Oh, my, what a quiet month it has been! No monsters. No evil robots from space. No gigantic robotic animals tearing up the warehouse district. How does a super-powered hero pass the time?

Er… by putting a new roof on the Aniranger HQ, I guess. In my impoverished state, I couldn’t afford anything other than “Value Roofing Felt”. Pah! I’m sure I’d be better off using banana leaves. (Speaking of, that spider Anired found in his Solomon Island Surprise is still at large. I occasionally see its victims, wrapped in a neat parcel of webbing. Grasshoppers, dogs, children.)

AniBlue passes the time by constructing vague facsimiles of various female cartoon characters from pillowcases and scraps of fabric. He then retires to his secret dungeon, where I assume he has tea parties or something. Why he insists on burning them in a garbage can afterwards, I don’t know. Bad tea? Poor manners? Either way, Gadget and Sally Acorn paid the price.

AniGreen, the conniving Judas, has fled the country. No doubt, he was so shamed that I emerged the victor in our last bout of Mario Kart, he seeks solace and isolation in the mountains of Austria. What about MY feelings, Green!?

I’m sure he will have a good time with his family. I have asked him to bring back a kangaroo. Redemption will follow, but he’ll have to get creative/violate himself horribly to get it through customs. Watch out for the claws, man. Those suckers will carve you up like a canned ham.

In other news, Spring has sprung, and the weather is fine. When AniGreen returns from his antipodean quest, we shall have many adventures in the glorious Devon countryside. We often find evil schemes to foil and vagrants to kill. (He was… uh… turning into a monster, you see.AniBlue)

We’ll be visiting London soon, as well. Keep an eye out, our costumes are a dead giveaway. If you see us, we always appreciate gifts of foreign cheese and caged songbirds.

Keep in touch, we’re always eager to hear from readers and implement their ideas or embarrass them completely.

Keep the faith, friends!




6 responses

15 04 2012
Ryusilver -Aniranger invictus

I suggest your morphers be replaced by the energy of the grid itself given form.Judging from the gekibeasts giving the latent power to morph and their connection to the grid .,I think your animals are of the same species. This means no reliance on morphers if you use some Gekiwaza techniques. Don’t try it until I test it on my lab rat ,justin.

1 06 2012

Kangaroos in Austria? You serious? You mean Australia? lol

I think the morphers work better. But have fun at London guys!


15 06 2012

It’s been two months since you guys haven’t posted another blog. You doing alright?

15 06 2012

Times have been a little tough, Reyn. But things are getting better all the time. It’s nice of you to think about us. 😀 When we’re begging for change in the gutter, you’ll throw us a pound, right? Or, er, a dollar, I suppose.

23 06 2012

That’s great, AniBlack! Wow, for a minute there, I thought one of you guys died.

24 06 2012

Only on the inside, my friend, only on the inside. 😀 Stay tuned, and keep fighting the good fight.

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