Summer of Love

22 08 2012

Howdy cowpokes!

Your trusty correspondent AniBlack here, bringing you Aniranger news from our secret headquarters. Speaking of, I recently cleaned and reorganised it. I showed mercy towards the spiders… Our vacuum cleaner has a “release” function that I suspect was intended for the exclusive purpose of liberating any eight-legged fiends sucked into the mighty vortex.

I recently made a modification to AniBlue’s helmet. You’re gonna like this.
He now has a working communicator built into the foxy carapace! It has a range of two or three kilometres, a discreet button at the temple to transmit, and a speaker and microphone giving crystal-clear conversation with any civilian-band radio. The button at the side even lights up when the circuit powers on.
It is powered by a lithium battery that recharges via a 3.5mm jack.

Like this, but smaller and helmet-shaped.

It was a difficult thing to do, and required some expensive parts, so I doubt I’ll fit them to all our helmets anytime soon. That said, it is a very convenient and useful function… communication is difficult while in morph. Naturally, your hearing is diminished, and your own voice muffled, so you end up communicating with mime and gestures.

On another note, the Anirangers will be attending the London Expo in October. We’re working on some upgrades to our suits at the moment:

Pending licensor approval.

As you can see, we remain largely the same, but suits are constructed somewhat differently. Red and yellow are now reserved for girlies, hopefully adding a gentle touch of feminine class to the group.

Anyways, thanks for reading. Keep the faith, spread the word, and enjoy the rest of the summer. Unless it’s winter in your part of the world, like Australia, say. In that case, move to the “right” hemisphere, you bloody fools! You’ll fall off the world, one day.




4 responses

6 10 2012

So, let me get this straight… Will you guys finish the episode with AniBlack fighting YamiBlack–that is, if you’re probably still working on it–then make that crossover episode with the Avengers?

6 10 2012

Oh, dear Reyn. The enigmatic endeavours of the Anirangers are beyond normal perception! Erm, that is to say, we’re all over the place! Something special is coming in a few days’ time, though. We decided a new ranger was needed! Unfortunately, and I’m not even joking, I looked EVERYWHERE for gold fabric so I could make AniGold, but couldn’t find anything suitable. So gold was put on hold, and a new ranger was born from the ashes!

6 10 2012

Take your time. 😉

5 09 2013

Will the new girl Anirangers be skirted or not?

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