Christmas Greetings from the Anirangers

24 12 2012

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the H.Q,
not a Ranger was stirring, not even Aniblue!
The helmets were hung on the mantle with care,
in hopes that St. Nicolas soon would be there.

The original poem is many verses long,
to mutilate it further, would surely be wrong!
So I exclaim, dear reader; don’t give up the fight!
A happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Ho Ho Ho! It’s that time of year again, Anifans. We hope you are all enjoying some peace and quiet with your families and friends. AniBlack gets a little emotional around Christmas, he’s such a sensitive soul. He’s out on the roof, looking out for Santa Claus. Something was said about wanting to spread joy and happiness to all the children around the world – we think he wants a ride-along. AniBlue told him that Santa doesn’t visit ‘big boys’, and even if he did, the roof of the HQ isn’t nearly large enough to accommodate a fat man, sleigh and eight reindeer. The sight of someone dressed all in black waving a sword might scare him off, too.

AniBlue seems quite content. He’s eagerly anticipating snow. Apparently, it “makes the vixens easier to track”. That scamp! Will there be no end to his perverted endeavours? He’s probably on a watch list by now – suspicion was raised after he went into Pet World looking for “those cages that snap shut” and “fox food”. We expect the raid to be any day now.

No, girl! You'll give him ideas!


AniGreen is barricading himself firmly in the 19th Century. Snuggled up by the fire in his gown, cravat and slippers, cane in hand. A sherry too far prompted a fierce tirade last year… AniBlack was proclaimed to be, amongst other things, “a crumb of cheese”. Feelings hurt, he returned home that night to find the town’s prize turkey festering on the doorstep. Being a vegetarian, he did not imbibe. AniBlue quickly claimed it – not for himself – but for his “pretty ones”.

Actual photograph

AniGreen – Actual portrait

So, dear readers. We wish you all a happy, merry, peaceful and safe Christmas. Spread some cheer and look after your fellow man, even if it’s just with a smile or a tip of the hat. It’s a big world out there, and many are not fortunate enough to have the company of their kin. Raise a glass to them, and to peace on Earth.

Til next time,

AniBlack, AniBlue and AniGreen




5 responses

27 12 2012

That portrait of AniGreen must actually be AniGreen’s great-great-grandfather. lol

By the way, who is that guy in the portrait?

27 12 2012

Heheheh! It’s Alastair Sim, a British actor famous for being Scrooge. ^_^

15 01 2013

Love the editing you did for Anigreen. Santa doesn’t come to the big boys? He gave me a new USB, Playing Cards, Batteries and a Box Opener (stuff I actually needed).

Hopefully you all got some really cool stuff

30 09 2015
Nicklas Zande VGCP 2001

Hey Guys!

30 09 2015

Hey! ^_^

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