Enemies of the Anirangers

Over the millenia, the Anirangers have made a few enemies. Cheif among these is The Machine Empire, the malevolent engine of destruction that sought to plunder the Earth thousands of years ago. Though defeated at first by the five animal defenders, they soon returned.
By this time, however, the human race had evolved and grown stronger. With the aid of the coins, the ancestors of the present-day Anirangers drove back the Empire in many terrible battles. Battles that the brave humans did not always win.
Key to this conflict are:

The Machine Overlord

Nothing is known about this being, other than its name. All the machines serve it, and its desires become the desires of the Empire. Perhaps the Anirangers will meet it one day, but they pray that day will never come.

Ash Cole –  YamiBlack

Ash is a thief and a lowlife. His illegal activities have made him a target of the Machine officer Cypher, who recognises his stolen wares as an important resource. During a rescue attempt by Aniblack, Ash gained possession of the Raccoon Power Coin, and extracted its power through brute force – a far cry from the symbiotic relationship nurtured by the true AniRangers. The result is a nightmarish warrior who comes closer to destroying the Raccoon with every second spent in morph.

 Machine General Caliber [DECEASED]

Caliber has been charged with overseeing the invasion of Earth, and has crossed swords with the Anirangers on countless occasions. He is unusually passionate for a machine, and seems to enjoy combat. He respects warriors and instruments of war, going so far as to collect swords, guns and weaponry. He despises the Anirangers, seeing them as “filthy” organic beings, but recognises their great power. He has a long-standing grudge against all Black rangers which has developed into a psychosis.

During a mission of the Earth Initiative, Caliber was slain by the modern-day AniBlack.

Science Officer Cipher

A science officer of the Machine Empire. He rarely visits Earth, and is much less warlike than the other machines. He is no less dangerous, though. He idolises the insane General Caliber, and has collected and preserved his shattered remains for reasons unknown.

Machine Warrior Hammer

Hammer is an efficient and cool warrior. He has great intelligence, and greater strength. Industrious and creative, he has promised to conquer Earth, even if he has to do it himself. He takes care of the intolerable Horror, sheilding him from the hatred and spite of the other Machines, who see Horror as an abomination, a mad dog to be used and then put out of its misery.

Beast Warrior Horror

Horror is, quite simply, a monster. Created to be the first of many organic (disposable) shock troops, the Empire got more than they bargained for. Savage and powerful, he must be kept on a short leash. His mind is that of a predator, lightning-fast and calculating. Overshadowing this intelligence, however, is fear and rage. Perhaps there is a more gentle side to him, but if there is, only Hammer sees it.


12 responses

17 09 2011

Here’s a little design I made of what YamiBlack might look like. I made him a dark evil version of AniBlack. Also, he has the spirit of the Wolf, but that was before I suddenly remembered that he also has the spirit of the Raccoon. (That’s right, isn’t it, AniBlack…?) Well, I hope he appears on the next episode. But if you guys have a more different design for YamiBlack, that’s okay. I won’t complain.

http://powerrangersfanfiction.wikia.com/wiki/Talk:Mutekiba_Sentai_Aniranger#Sixth_Aniranger (HINT: He’s under AniGold)

18 09 2011

Thanks for the design, Reyn! You’re correct, he uses my Raccoon coin. Miles has worked pretty hard on the design for YamiBlack, so I’m afraid I can’t use your design- though I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to sneak an element of it. ^_^

20 09 2011

That’s okay.

22 11 2011

So…is there a dark seikiba?
It could be like a dark Sword of omens…..(Repainted ,of course)

22 11 2011

There isn’t a dark Seikiba, so much. AniBlack will continue to fight with the sword, though its power will be decreased without the coin inside.

6 12 2011

General caliber was fond of ‘The death poke”.
Perhaps he learned it from obama? LOL!

6 12 2011

Speaking of which,Is the overlord Prince gasket?

6 12 2011

Caliber is like a nazi on steroids which are on steroids.

6 12 2011

So those foot soilders (Who look like the puttie’s retard bros),what’s their name?

2 06 2012

maybe there should be more yamirangers in the future (than just yami black)

11 02 2013

Hey, AniBlack! One day, I just decided to create some of the rest of the villains. But then I started having trouble what the Overlord, Cipher, & Hammer should look like. So I decided to do Horror instead. Hope he gives you some ideas! 🙂


11 02 2013

Thanks, Reyn! I shall hand the picture over to AniBlue, we’ll see what he can do with it. AniGold is eating into the Aniranger piggybank, so it might be some time before we make the villain costumes… Cipher will be first. Horror will prove tremendously expensive, no doubt, because of the extensive organic components. >.< I wish we had more people to help us out… AniBlue does the art, I do the fabrication, and AniGreen buys the pizza. As you can imagine, it's hard work!!

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