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The real Mutekiba Sentai

So, you’ve seen an episode of our series, maybe read some stories or looked at some pictures. “I wonder who these guys are?” you ask yourself. “Are they as rugged, handsome and dashing in real life?” you say. Well, pass your peepers over this page, and be prepared for a rude awakening (except in the case of AniBlack, who is just as handsome and dashing as you’ve no doubt come to believe. He’s also daring. And brave. And smart. And modest).

First thing’s first; there are only three of us. In our media creations, we have five rangers. In the real world, two Aniranger suits wait patiently in cardboard boxes, dreaming of the day someone will come to claim them as their own.

We are just three guys. Three guys with big hearts and big dreams, who didn’t know when to quit and didn’t take “no” for an answer. Of course, sometimes it feels like we’ve bitten off more than we can chew. Adam in particular can often be heard screaming at the heavens, or more often, found quivering in a dark room. Miles will curse a blue streak (why do you think we call him AniBlue?) in response to being asked to design yet another weapon.

So, dear reader, cast your eyes down the page and learn a bit more about the people behind the visors…

The Anirangers: AniBlack, AniBlue and AniGreen.

The Anirangers are the best of friends, in real life. We’ve known each other for many, many years and our friendship is stronger than can ever be portrayed on film.
The characters of the Anirangers, and their physical appearance, are based entirely on ourselves; they are what we aspire and hope to be. Each facet of their design means something very personal to the man behind the mask.

Now, read on and hopefully learn a little bit more about each of us…


Role: AniBlack

Adam is, for the most part, the creator of the Mutekiba Sentai. He organised and orchestrated the creation of the suits, wrote the origin story, and defined the characteristics of the Anirangers. His role is “General Producer” in the media creations, and in the real world, his role is “dreamer”. He is the one with the grand visions and ambitions, and often garners worried looks and groans from the guys as he elucidates and plans the next great adventure!


Role: AniBlue

A driven artist and animal lover, (not in THAT way, pervs) Miles is chief designer for the Anirangers. He drafted the rangers’ suits and helmets under orders from the producer. A perfectionist and neurotic bundle-o’-nerves  – two traits which greatly fetter his aptitude for design –  he spent a whole month making sure Anigreen’s chest motif looked suitably frog-like and none of you bloody noticed.


Role: AniGreen

Pete is the oddjobman of the group, providing a helping hand wherever needed, be it assisting with prop construction, or providing suggestions and ideas. He offers an odd combination of enthusiasm and pessimism-disguised-as-realism. As an aspiring author, he is currently working on a short story, Aniranger: History, featuring a previous AniGreen named Eric Strand. Along with Penny, his trusty dark green Fiat Punto, he also provides transportation for the team.


10 responses

25 08 2011

how do u make your helmets and suits?? can u give me instructions?

26 08 2011

It’s very, very complicated, Mohammed. You’ll need plenty of silicone, fibreglass and car bodywork filler. These things are very expensive. If you have the money and the time, I could probably guide you through it- but remember this: There’s no easy way. It comes down to hard work and practice.

15 09 2011
Courtland Ledet

If you need voice actors. I can help you with it and Promote the series more with art as well.

16 09 2011

I’ve sent you an email, Courtland. I look forward to hearing from you!

5 10 2011
Jon Chapek

I’ve sent links of you first episode to at least 5 friends and I know 2 of them for sure said it was pretty awesome.

6 10 2011

Sweet! Thanks for spreading the word, Jon!

31 12 2011

Wow! Impressive!

(How long did it take you guys to create just episode one?)

31 12 2011

I started making the helmets in September 2009, and was done by early 2010. In October of that year, after making a couple short videos, I decided to remake all the suits and helmets, and finished by January 2011. It took about four weeks to make Caliber and the machines, so at the end of February we started filming. I’d had the script and plot done for months, so it was just a matter of hard work. We got the filming and editing done by March 31st, and uploaded it that night.
So, about 18 months in all. Of course, it won’t take that long for episode 2, because most of the costumes are already made. I’d guess about 4 – 8 weeks, once we get going.

7 01 2012

I can’t believe I just volunteered to help out. And also the job that I offered to do.

7 01 2012

I am enjoying it though. Helps me to as I have something to do to pass the time and I can still use my creative side

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