Life will find a way

25 10 2012

A new Aniranger approaches!

Coming forth from the ancient past, our ranks are bolstered by the appearance of a mysterious warrior! An Aniranger who takes as his totem the mighty Pterodactyl. What powers does he possess? What are his intentions? Only time will tell!



How come he gets a shiny suit!? Pah! And what’s that, a shoulder pontoon? Well, I’m not gonna let him boss my Anirangers around!!

Til next time, friends.

– AniBlack


Ani-Animals #4

10 11 2011

AniBlue: Foxy Friend to All

Name: Miles
Animal: Fox

Ah, the common or garden fox. Vulpes vulpes! Scourge of the countryside, urban disease vector, threat to poultry and fowl worldwide. Or is it?

The fox is, in our opinion, a beautiful and intelligent animal. In Japan, the fox is revered and respected as the messenger of Inari. I myself have been fortunate enough to walk the sun-dappled paths and covered trails of the sacred Fushimi Inari shrine.

*snore* *wheeze*

Why did Miles choose the fox as his totem, his guardian spirit? The reasons are too many to list here, and too personal to be shared.  There is a strange, almost mystic connection between Miles and his vulpine brethren, perhaps he will share the story with us one day…






Introducing… A NEW Team!

11 10 2011

There are a lot of people out there with fantastic ideas and dreams, people who dare to go against the status quo and forge their own way in the world.

We think it’s important that we all do our best to be supportive of one another, to offer advice, inspiration and friendship. We can all learn a lot from each other.

So, to that end, I would like to introduce a new Ranger team. Prepare to meet…

Red Avenger not shown. He's around, trust me!

The Avengers!  Created by determined Power Ranger fan – and good friend  – Kent Keith, this team will be appearing in a film shortly. And they’re one of the best groups we’ve ever seen! Kent designed the suits and helmets, and has been working hard to get everything together for filming with his dedicated band of Rangers. We have a special kinship with this team (AniBlack helped with the creation of the helmets), and we’d love to do a cross-over episode in the future!

Girl Power!

Kent is walking proof that if you have an idea, and stick with it, you can make it a reality. We’ll shortly add a new section to the website so you can keep track of Kent and his team’s progress.

Keep the faith, fans!

-The Anirangers-

Ani-Animals #3

17 09 2011

ANIYELLOW:  Eagle-eyed eagle of silence

Name: Ron
Animal: Golden Eagle

Quite literally, in this case. AniYellow’s skin shines as bright as gold in the dappled sunlight of the forest, the hooked beak and wings of his helmet casting a frightening shadow.

AniYellow’s powers are drawn from the essence of the mighty golden eagle, a large and majestic bird indigenous to much of the world. I’m sure everyone reading has seen one in a zoo, wildlife park or on TV.
They have amazing eyesight; they can see a grasshopper blink from a kilometre away. Their hearing, too, is exceptional. Combine these traits with powerful talons and a wicked, hooked beak and you’re left with a wonderful and deadly creature, I’m sure you agree.

What did you say!? My mother was a SAINT!

Why did Ron choose the eagle as his totem? You got me. We tried to get him to talk about it, but he just said “Ano? Hindi ko maintindihan!” I choose to believe this means “I love you”. Clearly, his admiration and respect for his friends breaks the primitive barrier of spoken language.

Til next time, AniFriends. AniBlack is still missing, though he did manage to send a Polaroid of himself with some new friends. They’re reading a newspaper in a dimly lit room. Odd.