Gold! Always believe in your soul!

9 01 2013


You’ve got the power to know you’re indestructible!

I hope you find a little more time, remember we were partners in crime, it’s only two years ago.
The man with the suit and the pace, you knew that he was there on the case!

Wow, those lyrics make sense… Clearly, the endeavours of the Anirangers were foreseen by the prophets Spandau Ballet. Never let it be said that our lives are anything other than bizarre.
As you can tell from the picture, plans are underway to introduce (finally) the seventh Aniranger, AniGold. He’s just a regular ranger; and will integrate nicely into the existing team. His origins will be clearly explained when he appears in the flesh, although regular readers will no doubt recognise his design as the work of our mysterious contributor Reyn.

We can’t promise a completion date – this design presents a fair amount of problems that are going to take some time and effort to sort out. AniBlack takes great pride in his work, and won’t settle for anything less than perfection! In the meantime, keep the faith, Anifans.

– The Anirangers


Summer of Love

22 08 2012

Howdy cowpokes!

Your trusty correspondent AniBlack here, bringing you Aniranger news from our secret headquarters. Speaking of, I recently cleaned and reorganised it. I showed mercy towards the spiders… Our vacuum cleaner has a “release” function that I suspect was intended for the exclusive purpose of liberating any eight-legged fiends sucked into the mighty vortex.

I recently made a modification to AniBlue’s helmet. You’re gonna like this.
He now has a working communicator built into the foxy carapace! It has a range of two or three kilometres, a discreet button at the temple to transmit, and a speaker and microphone giving crystal-clear conversation with any civilian-band radio. The button at the side even lights up when the circuit powers on.
It is powered by a lithium battery that recharges via a 3.5mm jack.

Like this, but smaller and helmet-shaped.

It was a difficult thing to do, and required some expensive parts, so I doubt I’ll fit them to all our helmets anytime soon. That said, it is a very convenient and useful function… communication is difficult while in morph. Naturally, your hearing is diminished, and your own voice muffled, so you end up communicating with mime and gestures.

On another note, the Anirangers will be attending the London Expo in October. We’re working on some upgrades to our suits at the moment:

Pending licensor approval.

As you can see, we remain largely the same, but suits are constructed somewhat differently. Red and yellow are now reserved for girlies, hopefully adding a gentle touch of feminine class to the group.

Anyways, thanks for reading. Keep the faith, spread the word, and enjoy the rest of the summer. Unless it’s winter in your part of the world, like Australia, say. In that case, move to the “right” hemisphere, you bloody fools! You’ll fall off the world, one day.


10 04 2012

Howdy AniFans!

Oh, my, what a quiet month it has been! No monsters. No evil robots from space. No gigantic robotic animals tearing up the warehouse district. How does a super-powered hero pass the time?

Er… by putting a new roof on the Aniranger HQ, I guess. In my impoverished state, I couldn’t afford anything other than “Value Roofing Felt”. Pah! I’m sure I’d be better off using banana leaves. (Speaking of, that spider Anired found in his Solomon Island Surprise is still at large. I occasionally see its victims, wrapped in a neat parcel of webbing. Grasshoppers, dogs, children.)

AniBlue passes the time by constructing vague facsimiles of various female cartoon characters from pillowcases and scraps of fabric. He then retires to his secret dungeon, where I assume he has tea parties or something. Why he insists on burning them in a garbage can afterwards, I don’t know. Bad tea? Poor manners? Either way, Gadget and Sally Acorn paid the price.

AniGreen, the conniving Judas, has fled the country. No doubt, he was so shamed that I emerged the victor in our last bout of Mario Kart, he seeks solace and isolation in the mountains of Austria. What about MY feelings, Green!?

I’m sure he will have a good time with his family. I have asked him to bring back a kangaroo. Redemption will follow, but he’ll have to get creative/violate himself horribly to get it through customs. Watch out for the claws, man. Those suckers will carve you up like a canned ham.

In other news, Spring has sprung, and the weather is fine. When AniGreen returns from his antipodean quest, we shall have many adventures in the glorious Devon countryside. We often find evil schemes to foil and vagrants to kill. (He was… uh… turning into a monster, you see.AniBlue)

We’ll be visiting London soon, as well. Keep an eye out, our costumes are a dead giveaway. If you see us, we always appreciate gifts of foreign cheese and caged songbirds.

Keep in touch, we’re always eager to hear from readers and implement their ideas or embarrass them completely.

Keep the faith, friends!


21 06 2011

Hello all!

AniBlack here. We have finally decided on a logo to represent the Mutekiba Sentai. I guess from now on, we’ll be emblazoning it on all media and things that we produce.

We hope you like it! Why don’t you print it out and put it on your wall? Transfer it onto a T-Shirt? Spraypaint it onto a municipal building! Spread the word!


Click me to make me go big, like.

Graceful Charity

11 05 2011

Hello all!

Thanks to the wonderful effort of a dear friend, the script for episode one is now in Japanese! This will be great for all Japanese people out there, and I think it’s only right that the Mutekiba Sentai show respect to the country that inspired it all!

Of course, even if you speak English, it’s worth a watch. There are some things that seem to work better in Japanese, and we’re going to polish the video a little bit (I said a little).

In other news, Episode 2 is taking shape. Some very interesting things will happen! You won’t want to miss it. We’d love to have it filmed before summer’s out, but this depends on what resources and time is available to us.

Keep the faith,

Almost, Nearly, Truly, Dearly

14 03 2011


Woo! The site is coming together, now. A new tab has been added at the top there, “Abilities & Enemies”, and all other pages except “Stories” now have something on them! The Photos page will have interesting ‘making-of’ pictures, as soon as the episode goes live, so as not to spoil it.

Thanks for visiting,