Friends of the Anirangers

Kent Keith: The Avengers of Hope:

Here’s a selection of photos of Kent’s team, I’m sure you’ll all find them very interesting! We will add a synopsis and story details once the first episode is done. Kent’s making more progress every day, so expect more updates soon!

December 2011 update!

What a wonderful picture!

All the colours of the rainbow! Er, except purple. And orange.

10/11/11 update

The whole group, excluding Kent who I assume is behind the camera!

The whole team!

25/10/11 update!

Don’t the girls look awesome? Check out the new boots and belts!

Four of the five Avengers. Don't they look great?

Ah, the Red Avenger, revealed at last!


13 responses

16 10 2011


13 11 2011

Cool i cant wait to see the Avengers not to be confused with the marvel heroes of course

24 12 2011

What the–? Wait, wasn’t the Red Avenger white & didn’t Green Avenger have glasses? I’m not racist or anything; I just want to know.

25 12 2011


These changes were just stand in for a comicon appearance we did, but there will be a few changes coming to the actual team as we are beginning production of our series soon! STAY TUNE!!

29 12 2011

Hey, if I could, I would gladly help you anirangers to

consider me your friend/ally.

2 01 2012

Actually, pink isn’t part of the rainbow. Here are the ACTUAL colors of the rainbow:


3 01 2012

I thought there was a shade of purple to

6 01 2012

Actually, purple is another name for violet.

7 01 2012

Oh okay. I though Violet was was slightly more blue then purple is.

7 01 2012

I guess you learn something new every day then

7 06 2012

I like the Yellow Avenger. She reminds me of an old friend of mine back in Everett, my old home.

27 08 2012

Hey, when are you guys gonna have the names of each of the Avengers? I know Kent’s going to be the Red Avenger… right?

27 08 2012

The Avengers’ roster is undefined, as far as I know. Like many things (and like the Anirangers, I suppose) it is in a constant state of flux! ^_^ People will come and go. As for Kent, I think he has something different in mind…

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