Aniranger: History

Thousands of years ago, a malevolent machine race visited Earth. Mankind was primitive, and were unable to defend themselves as the machines plundered and destroyed our planet.

Five special animals, imbued with unusual intelligence and compassion, rose up to defend Earth. They drove the invaders away; the machines were no match for their courage and skill. With the battle won, the animals distilled their essences into five magical coins, so that when mankind was ready, their power may be called on once more.

And so it has been, for hundreds of generations. The coins have been lost and found, bought and sold, given and taken; but always used in the name of good.

What follows is but one chapter in the long history of one of these coins…

Chapter One – “Accidental Ranger”

Take care, and happy reading!

Pete / AniGreen


14 responses

14 03 2011
Reyn Robinson

Here’s what I think: I think that the Anirangers will use the original suits in that YouTube video. Then after Adam gets his new suit, everyone else will get new suits. What do you guys think?

15 03 2011

Hello Reyn!

That’s very much like the original plot… We were supposed to have our original suits for ten episodes or so, and then our coins were going to be destroyed by Caliber. Then (I won’t spoil the story, just in case we do a similar one in the future) we would get our powers back, and have the “new” suits.
However, we decided that the new suits were so much better than the old ones (and more practical!), and we wiped the slate clean, so to speak.
Each one of the new suits is completely unique, so we thought they represented us and our personalities better than the old ones, which were all the same pattern, but different colour.

There will be a story in the future where Adam has, er, “suit troubles”, but I won’t spoil it! ^_^

Thanks for reading, and commenting! We always love hearing from fans!

15 03 2011
Reyn Robinson

That’s cool, man! Anyway, while I’m here, let me tell you a bit about myself. I live in Spokane Valley, Washington. I’ll be turning 16 next week. And I’ve been a fan of Power Rangers ever since I was five. If you want me to help your show become more awesome, I’m your guy!

16 03 2011

We’d like to have you on board, Reyn, but we all live in England. The commute out to California is a killer!
Seriously, though, it’s nice to hear from someone so articulate! It beats the nonsense YouTube comments any day.
We’re always open to suggestions and ideas, so keep ’em coming. And thanks for taking the time to look us up.


31 03 2011

California!? Where did I get that from? Washington, I meant. I’m not an ignorant Englishman, I promise, I know exactly where Washington state is. It’s the stress, I’m cracking up.

2 04 2011

heh ani black ani green and ani blue i like you guyses trailers but i thought you guys need to add more to the cotumes they look so plain

4 04 2011

MONTHS, AniGreen!? You can work faster than that. Don’t make me get the rake…! Hyah! Hyah! Giddup!

28 04 2011
Seft Sirag

Looks like you won’t need that rake after all, Black!

6 11 2011

Hey Reyn, I spoke to AniBlack about coming on to give the show some more action and stuff into it.

I would love to become the 6th aniranger in the show sometime

(I got your seal of approval, but I am also wandering the opinions of the other 4 members)

31 12 2011

Reyn, you think it would be cool if we became the 6th and 7th new anirangers?

How did these five power animals come to being so they can conquer the machine empire anyways?

31 12 2011

Because there is no power in this world other than strength of the heart and will. Soulless machines cannot win against the lifeforce of the planet itself. Besides, there were more than five power animals… it’s just that their coins haven’t been discovered yet. 😀

27 10 2012
Ryusilver -Genius,Phantom,Ranger

Ya think?Better put one of yours into a gps,then.Also..You want my old
chainsaw/scythe combo weapon?I switched to my new flaming chainsaw of doom.

3 01 2012

Oh fair enough.

I reckon it would take a long time to create suits for me and Reyn though.

(hopefully it will give me time to get myself into shape)

3 01 2012

Truly, it doesn’t take much time at all. A few weeks at the most. It’s the gathering of materials that takes a while, plus the actual effort needed to make these things is sometimes more than I can give!

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