A word from our sponsor

31 01 2012

Hello folks! The Anirangers are proud to announce a partnership with German brewing company Gesellschaft GmbH. Please take a moment to read our promotional feature. Perhaps import a cool, frosty glass of the King of Gesellschaft Beers: “FüchsinPißen Wasser”

In 1989, nearly one score ago, the Berlin Wall collapsed, bringing freedom and unity to a nation, but also crushing several trucks loaded with delicious beer. Their containers exploded, combining their contents and showering the people (and the pavement) with a new, gestalt beverage! In the resulting cacophony, Charles Schultz Bismarck scooped up a tankard of the blend. Taking it back to his secret workshop, he reverse-engineered the recipe, and began selling it as FüchsinPißen Wasser, named for its unique, refreshing taste and distinctive colour and aroma. After several cruel buyouts, the Gesellschaft brewing company was formed, to bring his creation to the world, at a fair price.

Imbibo Penetranter

Remember, guys, we get 1 Deutschemark for every case sold, so get down to your local grey-market importer now!

Thanks for your continued interest in the Anirangers!