Video Extras

This portion of the site contains bonus video content, not appearing in the actual episodes. Up at the moment we have some test footage, two comedies, a brief making-of slideshow, the trailer for episode one, and the very first Aniranger video! Phew!

Test Footage: “AniBlue Fox Zord” – Miniature model and set

Sketch: “AniMorals” – Teachings and comedy from the Anirangers

An important message: Foxy Crunch

A completely unbiased announcement regarding the healthy, tasty breakfast cereal of champions.

The making of Aniranger: A slideshow presentation

Trailer: Mutekiba Sentai Episode 1 “Robots are Red, Vulpines are Blue”

The trailer for our first proper episode, coming soon!

Video: Mutekiba Sentai – Early ‘pilot’ episode, featuring prototype helmets and suits.

This video was created in September 2009, and features our very first suit and helmet designs. Most of the plot elements alluded to in this video are now considered non-canon, with the exception of the title sequence.


10 responses

22 11 2011

I can haz foxy crunch?Honestly,I would love some cereal other than
my cheerios.So much …honey…

8 12 2011

What was that blaster weapon aniblack was wielding in the pilot?
Looked like the blade blaster from Mmpr/zyuranger.

29 12 2011

Aniranger is amazing. It would be awsome if they could do another Zord Test.

29 12 2011

I reckon Foxy Crunch might give me more strength and energy than my Weetbix I normally eat

29 12 2011

It’s chock full of vitamins, iron and essential isotopes. Y’know, we’ve got more fans of Foxy Crunch than people who like our show.
Maybe I’m in the wrong business….

3 01 2012

Oh wow! lol

You consider working in advertising? lol

(it might be able to give you the cash you need for your show)

3 01 2012

(and btw: I studied advertising anyway so I might even see if I could think of ways to advertise Aniranger to get a bigger audience)

29 06 2012

You know you pronounced “vitamins” wrong, right? Or isn’t that how you say it in England?

29 06 2012

That is how we say it in England: “Vittah-mins”. I’m aware that the Americans say “vite-amins”, one of many colourful differences between our languages.

6 07 2012

lol. doesn’t really matter. everyone spells things differently

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